And Another Comes Home.

This is Derrick's Testimony of how God has provided him a home out of Prison.  Another addition to the Free By The Truth Ministry Family.  Help us Welcome Derick in to the Family.  

God is so good.  He is helping us house men and women who are coming out of prison to live in society.  He is allowing us to mentor them to live a successful life in the free world.  Praise God for allowing us to join him in what he is already doing.  



This is fellowship in the Lord.  Took the guys to a fun game of hockey.  Was their first time.  It was a blast.  


FBTTM Celebrates October 7, 2018, 1 year of starting the "Worship Experience" in the coming two-year existence of the ministry.  People ask us all the time.  Do you have a church?  We say, "no"!  We are a Non-Profit Organization who help men and women Coming out of Prison.  What we have done with those who are a part of FBTTM together as a Church body, meet at our "Worship Experience every Sunday at 2 pm.  Why do we do this?  Because eventually the men and women we help will need a place to worship.  We are finding that they are being turned away at other churches for their background.  We are open and accepting and loving as Jesus was. We want all to come to know Jesus and His Great Love for them.  This is a look at just one year of all who have been touched by God one way or another.  

Our CEO Pastor Fernando Charles, gives us an enouraging word.  

Meet our Brother Sedrick.  Today God has blessed him and he is no longer on the monitor.  One more step to being Free.  He has given his life to God and is a very talented Young man and Loves God.  By trusting in God and giving his life over to God he is truly free.  Pray for him with us as he continues to follow Jesus.  

Free By The Truth Ministry, "Loving God, Loving People, and Discipling Them To Be Ministers of God's Word".  

FBTTM The Begining!  Meet Brothers Victor and Antonio.  God has called us to love those who no one wants to love.  God has called us to minister to Men and Women who have been incarcerated and are out.  We want to encourage these men and women to be successful in their new life.  By mentoring them, help them up, providing the basic needs sometimes we take for granted.  We also want to educate them to put them on the path to success.  

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