In The Spot Light

These are the Men and Women who God is bringing to Free By The Truth.  Men and Women who want God to come in their lives and change them with the Truth of His Word.

FBTTM Celebrates October 7, 2018, 1 year of starting the "Worship Experience" in the coming two-year existence of the ministry.  People ask us all the time.  Do you have a church?  We say, "no"!  We are a Non-Profit Organization who help men and women Coming out of Prison.  What we have done with those who are a part of FBTTM together as a Church body, meet at our "Worship Experience every Sunday at 2 pm.  Why do we do this?  Because eventually the men and women we help will need a place to worship.  We are finding that they are being turned away at other churches for their background.  We are open and accepting and loving as Jesus was. We want all to come to know Jesus and His Great Love for them.  This is a look at just one year of all who have been touched by God one way or another.  

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