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Sermon Series: Stand Firm

Are you feeling pushed to your limit? Are doubts, fears, and the comfort of familiarity holding you back from experiencing the fullness of what God has in store for you? I want to encourage you today that you have a choice to make. Will you choose the path of least resistance or will you have the courage to take a Stand?

In our upcoming sermon series, we will embark on a transformative journey exploring the power of faith. Over the next four weeks, we will dive deep into the essential theme of "Faith over Doubt, Fear, Comfort, and Circumstances." These sermons will challenge you, inspire you, and equip you to live a life grounded in unwavering faith.
Faith is not just a mere belief; it is a choice we make in the face of doubt. It is a bold step taken amidst fear. It is a willingness to embrace discomfort and step out of our comfort zones. It is the unshakable conviction that God is greater than any circumstance we may face.

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